• FEDEOAR diplomaFEDEORA is the Federation of Film Critics of Europe and the Mediterranean; founded in May 2010 in Cannes. It is constituted of individual professional film critics from European and Mediterranean countries. The aims of FEDEORA are: forming juries and presenting awards at relevant international festivals, publishing film reviews, essays, festival reports and other articles in the FEDEORA online film magazine, organizing conferences and many others. FEDEORA is open to individual members - film critics in all European and Mediterranean countries, without any discrimination. Every person residing in a European or Mediterranean country and contributing film criticism regularly (at least for one year) to any kind of media can apply to join FEDEORA. The FEDEORA Executive Board decides on new individual members. FEDEORA BOARD President: Ninos Mikelides Vice-presidents: Gidi Orsher, Nenad Dukić, Zlatko Vidackovic, Andrew Sloup Tresurer: Dubravka Lakic Secretary: Zlatko Vidackovic Secretariat numbers: phone +385 1 4815295, mobile +385 98 219706 Contact: fedeora@fedeora.eu Read more about Fedeora Like us on Facebook and get the latest updates   NEWS FEDEORA AWARDS "THE ACCUSATION"  AT FEST IN BELGRADE  
    FEDEORA jury at the 50th edition of Belgrade’s International Film Festival - FEST that was held from February 25th till March 6th 2022., gave the award for the best Eur-Med film to the film THE ACCUSATION (Les choses humaines). The jur members were: Anzhelika Artyukh, Russia, Iskusstvo Kino (Art of Cinema) Film Journal, Moscow; Matic Majcen, Slovenia; Večer daily newspaper, Ljubljana; Dragan Jovićević, Serbia, NIN weekly.
    With The Accusation, film director Yvan Attal takes up the burning issue of sexual harrasement and presents it in a way that confronts the views of all affected sides, where both personal as well as social, objective as well as perceived perspectives on the case are taken into consideration. It is always a difficult task to investigate an important issue in such multifaceted way and Attal achieves it with great skill and maturity. In the end, its greatest virtue is that it lets the viewer decide who to blame and who to love in this difficult conflict. Read the article by Matic Majcen about the festival.
        FEDEORA AWARDS "OTAR'S DEATH" AT KARLOVY VARY FILM FESTIVAL FEDEORA traditional jury for the East of the West section at this year’s 55th edition of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival decided on the following award and special mention: "Otar's Death". The Fedeora award goes to the well-crafted drama with a multilayered narrative about two families brought together by a misfortunate event. This surprising first feature from Georgia focuses on mother-son relationships and aspirations towards a better future. "Intensive Life Unit". The Special Mention of the Fedeora jury goes to a first feature documentary which bravely tackles the sensitive topic of palliative care, opening up conversations about death being a part of life. Jury members: Mihai Fulger, Romania; Nino Kovačić, Croatia and Natascha Drubek-Meyer, Germany. Read the article by Mihai Fulger and the article by Natascha Drubek about the festival.   FEDEORA LOOKING FORWARD TO GO ON WITH JURIES FEDEORA did not have juries in 2020. because of the pandemics, but we are looking forward to go on with our juries in the future. Potential new members and festivals wanting to establish our juries can contact our secretariat at fedeora@fedeora.eu We will keep you informed about all new developments. Stay safe & healthy! FAREWELL TO RONALD BERGAN With great sadness, we learned about the death of FEDEORA founding president RONALD BERGAN (1937-2020), one of the greatest film critics and historians. Ronald Bergan (Ph.D. English. Lit), was a regular contributor to The Guardian. He has been president of the jury at numerous film festivals and has chaired and participated in many conferences on cinema all over the world. He was born in South Africa and educated there, in England, and in the United States. While living in France, he taught literature, theater, and film in the Sorbonne, the British Institute in Paris, and the University of Lille. He has held a Chair at the Florida International University in Miami where he taught Film History and Theory and finally lectured on film history at FAMU in Prague. He is the author of a large number of books, including The United Artists Story, Jean Renoir: Projections of Paradise, Great Theatres of London, Sergei Eisenstein: A Life in Conflict, The Coen Brothers and Francis Coppola: The Making of His Movies, Anthony Perkins: A Haunted Life, The Bloomsbury Foreign Film Guide, The Eyewitness Guide To Film (published in 8 languages ), Francois Truffaut Interviews, which he edited and Isms: Understanding Film. Rest in peace.   Read all the news on our Facebook page. FEDEORA AWARDS IN 2019. OVERVIEW Our jury on FEST in Belgrade 2019. composed by Maja Bogojević, Tonci Valentic and Nevena Dakovic awarded the film "Capernaum" (Lebanon, France, USA, Cyprus, Qatar) by Nadine Labaki. In Karlovy Vary East of the West the jury was composed by Pavlina Jeleva, Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi  and Maja Bogojevic (on the photo), and they awarded Serhat Karaaslan’s “Passed by Censor” (Turkey, Germany, France). Special Mention went to Lendita Zeqiraj for "Aga’s House" (Kosovo, Croatia, France, Albania). Our jury in Hercegnovi, composed by Dzevdet Tuzlic, Vuk Perovic and Dragan Jovicevic, awarded the film "You Have the Night" (Montenegro, Serbia).  The Fedeora Jury at 66th Pula Film Festival, composed of Nenad Dukic, Josip Grozdanic, Dubravka Lakic, Sergej Lavrentiev and Ondrej Biba gave the following awards: Best Croatian Feature Film Award to the film "The Diary of Diana B." by Dana Budisavljevic “for the excellently told true, complex, and emotional story with a large dose of dignity and strength, and the successful combination of live action, documentary and archival perspective.” Award for Best Minority Co-Production is presented to the film "Stitches", by Miroslav Terzić “for the maturity achieved in creating a disquieting and touching story about an extremely difficult topic and the emotional transformation of the main character.” The jury present actress Judita Frankovic Brdar with special mention for creating a highly complex main character shown with great expressiveness in the film "Erased", directed by Miha Mazzini.
    THE LOAD AWARDED IN HAIFA Fedeora Jury in HAIFA composed by Zlatko Vidackovic, Gidi Orsher, Meir Schnitzer awarded the film “The Load” (Serbia/France/Croatia/Iran/Qatar 2018), stating that “Ognjen Glavonic impressively showed the moral dilemmas of an antihero haunted by the horrible hidden truth of his work.” FEDEORA Award for Outstanding Artistic Achievement in Israeli film awarded the actor Naveh Tzur in the film “Noble Savage”.“Naveh Tzur gave a powerful performance in the film ‘Noble Savage,’ combining the vulnerability of an exceptional boy with the rebelliousness of one who has been extracted from legitimate society." JOURNEY TO A MOTHER'S ROOM AWARDED IN SAN SEBASTIAN The Fedeora Jury for the best film presented at the New Directors section of the 66tth San Sebastian Film Festival has decided to award CELIA RICO CLAVELLINO for the film VIAJE AL CUARTO DE UNA MADRE for its sensitive portrait of the relationship between mother and daughter and its fresh approach to the film direction and writing, wrote Dubravka Lakic and Carlos Elorza. COMIC SANS AWARDED IN HERCEG NOVI fedeora noviFEDEORA jury of the 32nd Herceg Novi Film Festival– Montenegro Film Festival, held from 1 till 7 August, 2018 in Herceg Novi, composed by Dubravka Lakic, Zlatko Vidackovic and Vuk Perovic awarded COMIC SANS by Nevio Marasovic „for a laid-back but at the same time deliberate and profound depiction of a turbulent relationship between father and son and simple joys of life“.  LADA KAMENSKI AND FROG AWARDED IN PULA fedeorapulaThe FEDEORA jury at 65th Pula Film Festival was composed of Duško Dimitrovski, journalist and film critic, James Evans, film critic and historian, Bruno Kragić, film historian, Sergey Lavrentiev, film critic, Dževdet Tuzlić, editor of the Cultural Programme of BHT Sarajevo. Award for Best Croatian Feature Fiction Film was presented to the film Lada Kamenski, directed by Sara Hribar and Marko Šantić. Award for Best Co-Production was presented to the film The Frog, directed by Elmir Jukić. BLOSSOM VALLEY AWARDED IN PALIC palicCompetition programme Parallels and Encounters critics’ FEDEORA Jury at 25 European Film Festival Palić 2018, held in Palić and Subotica from 14 to 20 July, was composed of: Montenegrin film theoretician and critic Dr. Maja Bogojević, Bulgarian film critic Pavlina Jeleva and Italian critic Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi. They awarded the Hungarian film BLOSSOM VALEY by Laszlo Csuja, “A poignant first feature depicting how contemporary misfits crave for love and struggle for survival, within an alienating society.“ SULEIMAN MOUNTAIN  AWARDED AT KARLOVY VARY Liza2Fedeora award for the best film from East of the West competition section went to SULEIMAN MOUNTAIN by Elizaveta Stishova for a serious and complex filmmaking effort, well developed story and very good acting. The jury was composed by Nenad Dukić, Natascha Drubek and Stefan Dobroiu. Suleiman Mountain is a 2017. production by Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Poland. "Near the city of Osh there is the low Suleiman Mountain. This is a place of prayer for the local population where they ask for health, love, happiness. What does the boy Uluk ask for, who has been pulled out of an orphanage?" THE INSULT AWARDED AT FEST FEDEORA Jury at FEST in Belgrade - Paulo Portugal, Zlatko Vidackovic and Nevena Dakovic - awarded “The Insult” by Ziad Doueiri as best Euro-Mediterranean Film in Main Competition Program. “The Offenders” (“Izgrednici”) directed by Dejan Zečević were awarded Best Serbian Film prize, and this Jury also gave Special Recognition to Lazar Bodroža, the director of “Ederlezi Rising.”
    THE CHARMER AWARDED AT SAN SEBASTIAN sansebsanseb2The FEDEORA Jury at 65th San Sebastián Film Festival (22.-30. September 2017) composed by Dubravka Lakic, Carlos Elorza and Paulo Portugal has decided to award the FEDEORA prize in New Directors competition to: THE CHARMER by Milad Alami (Denmark – Sweden). "In an intriguing study of cultural diversity and family values, this filmmaker deals, in a delicate way, with one of the biggest challenges in Europe nowadays, giving the characters a new ground to show what makes them close to each other rather than what sets them apart. With a smart and mature directing, he portrays a story lived by many, allowing his actors to give the best of themselves.” Two special mentions went to: KILLING JESUS by Laura Mora (Colombia - Argentina) and UNDERGROUND by Daniel Palacios (Philipines) EYE ON JULIET, HARJANE AND FORESTIER AWARDED AT VENICE DAYS
    fedeoraawvenfedFEDEORA jury at VENICE days - Gironate degli autori  composed by Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi, Ninos Mikelides and Maja Bogojevic gave the following awards Best Actor: Redouanne Harjane "For the nuanced, moving and authentic performance of a young man struggling with his extreme social marginalization." Best Young Director: Sara Forestier (M.) "For the simplicity, warmth and courage with which she depicts the obstacles of a difficult, unique and empowering love story." Best Film: Eye On Juliet (Directed by Kim Nguyen) "For the inspiring manner in which alienating technology becomes a life changing tool, that brings people closer through compassion and dignity."
    from the film SLAVA Glory (1)Fedeora jury at Kanli kula open air deliberation nightFedeora jury at 31. Herceg Novi-Montenegro Film Festival, composed by Dubravka Lakic, Zlatko Vidackovic and Vuk Perovic, awarded as the best film in Competition program Bulgarian film Slava (Glory) by Kristina Grozeva and Petar Valchanov: "Authors inspired by real events, skillfuly and in a convincingly realistic way, through the prism of  black humor, with captivating acting performances, give a disturbing picture of the relationship between the individual and the society burdened with corruption. Slava (Glory)  is a film about the gloomy present-day in which an honest man is convincingly losing the battle with a monstrous environment infected with transient diseases".
    THE HOUSE OF OTHERS AWARDED IN PULA house_of_othersAward for Best Minority Co-Production was presented to the film House of Others, directed by Rusudan Glurjidze. Award for Best Croatian Feature Fiction Film was presented to the film The Constitution, directed by Rajko Grlic. The Award for Best Short or Mid-Length Film was presented to the short film Blue Peter, directed by Marko Šantić. The Award for Best Croatian Drama Series or Documentary Series was presented to the drama series Road Patrol, directed by Zvonimir Jurić. The Award for Best Croatian Feature Documentary Film wass presented to the film It Was All Just a Good Dreamdirected by Branko Ištvančić. The jury members were : Nenad Dukic, Ronald Bergan, Ondrej Biba, Natascha Drubek and Marijana Jakovljevic.   MARITA AWARDED IN KARLOVY VARY maritaFEDEORA AWARD in the East of the West programme in Karlovy Vary went to the film Marita by Cristi Iftime "for the simplicity in directing his debut feature film, focused on the everyday life of a family, whose members, no matter that the family is separated after the divorce of the parents, at their reunion, celebrate the meeting and enjoy it in a spontaneous and friendly way that brings positive energy into their lives." FEDEORA Special Mention went to the film Mavi sessizlik by Bülent Öztürk "for its strong, corageous take both in visuals, sounds and silences on how violence and war eats the soul." The jury members were Kostas Terzis, Blagoja Kunovski and Eva Af Geijerstam. STUDENT AWARDED AT FEST muchenikAt FEST, Belgrade, Serbia in Febriary 2017 the FEDEORA jury (Radovan Holub, Tomislav Sakic, Maja Bogojevic) award for the best European and/or Mediterranean film in the main competition went to (M)Uchenik (The Student) by Kirill Serebrennikov for its poignant and formally consistent portrayal of a troubled teenager lost in his own world, finding escape in religious fundamentalism.
    The FEDEORA jury award for the best film in Serbian competition wentto Dnevnik masinovode by Milos Radovic. It is a well-made black comedy, reminiscent of the best tradition of Yugoslav film comedy, which nostalgically depicts the vanishing world of trains and drivers.
    FEDEORA Board
    President: Nenad Dukic
    Vice-presidents: Ronald Bergan, Gidi Orsher, Ninos Mikelides, Zlatko Vidackovic, Natascha Drubek Treasurer: Dubravka Lakic  
      FEDEORA AWARDS IN 2016 FEDEORA AWARDS AT VENICE DAYS Fedeora Jury (Ninos Mikelides, Greece; Eva Af Geijerestam, Sweden and Rita Di Santo, UK)  gave the following prizes for the Venice Days session: Best young director: Amanda Kernell (SAMIBLOOD) Best film: THE ROAD TO MANDALAY Best actress: Ashleigh Cummings (HOUNDS OF LOVE) Best European Film: Ne gledaj mi u pijat (QUIT STARING AT MY PLATE) LOWDOWN AWARDED IN HERCEG NOVI-MONTENEGRO lowdownAt the 30. Herceg Novi - Montenegro International film festival, held 1-8 August 2016, FEDEORA awarded the best film in the competition feauture film program: ISPOD MOSTA, MEĐU STIJENAMA/ LOWDOWN, directed by Pavle Simonovic. „Due to the strength with which he brought social engagement into the crime thriller genre, because of the directing skills with which he conducted the idea to the end and rounded off an original and fresh story with a great cast support and quality production” – wrote the FEDEORA jury composed of: Dubravka Lakić (Serbia), Dževdet Tuzlić (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Vuk Perović (Montenegro). COLLECTOR AWARDED IN KARLOVY VARY Collector2At the International film festival in KARLOVY VARY, Czech Republic, 1-9 July 2016, Federation of Film Critics of Europe and the Mediterranean awarded the best film from East of the West - Competition section: Collector (Kollektor) directed by Alexei Krasovskiy (Russia, 2016). "In his compact script, full of meticulous observations, the director sketches the trajectory of a ruthless character, exploiting to the fullest, the concept of a single location, slowly but surely creating an atmosphere of unabated suspense, and eliciting a great performance from the lead actor, Konstantin Khabenskiy", wrote the jury composed of: Dubravka Lakic, Serbia; Ninos Feneck Mikelides, Greece and Michael Ranze, Germany. UNDER THE SUN AWARDED AT DOCAVIV underthesunAt Docaviv, documentary film festival held in Tel Aviv, Israel, 19-28 May 2016, the FEDEORA jury was compsed of: Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi, Italy, Natascha Drubek-Meyer, Germany, and Shmulik Duvdevany, Israel. In the International competition, The Feodora Award for Best Director went to "Under the Sun" directed by Vitaly Mansky. The film uses a subtle and veiled irony to give insight to an extremely closed society, while dealing with the ethical aspect of completing a movie within a totalitarian regime. Special Mention went to "Call Me Marianna" directed by Karolina Bielawska. Mariana’s story is worthy of mention as it unravels on two different levels: the personal transformation of body and identity, as well as a detached, meta-theatrical perspective. In the Israeli competition, the Director Award of Fedeora went to "Death in the Terminal" directed by Tali Shemesh, Asaf Sudry. The exceptional use of media footage, obtained by security cameras and videos of bystanders, attests the horrific events occurring in today’s society, which is struggling with the increase of violence and racism perpetrated upon refugees. Feodora Jury Special Mention went to "The Patriarch's Room" directed by Danae Elon. This documentary thriller is laudable for the way filmmaker Danae Elon shatters political, and religious boundaries, in order to expose the latent interests involved in the mysterious inner workings of Greek Orthodox Church in Jerusalem. MEDITEARRANEA AWARDED AT FEST mediterranea-immagineAt FEST, Belgrade, Serbia, 26 February- 6 March, the FEDEORA jury awarded the Best film award in the international selection to ‘Mediterranea’ by Jonas Carpignano. “Eerie and hypnotizing. This is an intense and moving homage to the migrants that takes over your imagination.” Award for the Best film in Serbian selection was given to "Next to Me" by Stevan Filipovic. “Avoiding all of the clichés of the genre, the author has made a compelling and refreshing piece of humane cinematography.” The jury was composed of Rita di Santo, UK; Tonci Valentic, Croatia and Vladan Petkovic, Serbia.     FEDEORA AWARDS IN 2015 VENICE: The FEDEORA Jury at 72. Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica della Biennale di Venezia composed by Dubravka Lakic (President), Rita Di Santo, Nenad Dukic, James Evans assigned the following awards: VENICE 72 Best European Film in Competition: FRANCOFONIA by Alexander Sokurov “Francofonia” is a complex film exploring themes of European culture in a challenging,  sometimes confrontational, but always poetic voice. GIORNATE DEGLI AUTORI – VENICE DAYS Best Film: UNDERGROUND FRAGRANCE by Pengfei A sensitive and intelligent film, “Underground Fragrance” reveals the underbelly of modern Chinese society and is directed with great skill and conviction. Best Young Director: Ruchika Oberoi, ISLAND CITY Island City stood out for its surrealistic vision of a quasi-modern world  which is also rooted in the realities of everyday life. Best Young Actress: Ondina Quadri, ARIANNA A terrific solid performance which conveys young vulnerability balanced with a strong independent spirit. SETTIMANA DELLA CRITICA – CRITICS’ WEEK Best Film: KALO POTHI by Bahadur Bham Min It is a splendid, little movie. A warm-hearted and affectionate tribute  to a people who survive with tenacity and imagination. Best DoP: Benthey Dean, TANNA The eye behind “Tanna” captures the subtleties and complexities of a culture under threat and provides the audience with a clear vision of that world. DOCAVIV: Award for best film in the Israeli competition at the Docaviv Tel Aviv International Documentary Film Festival held from 7 to 16 May 2015 went to Twiglight of a Life directed by Sylvain Biegeleisen, and the special mention to Against Your Will directed by Assaf Banitt. Award for the best film in the International competition went to Democrats directed by Camilla Nielsson. Motivations: TWILIGHT OF A LIFE: A heartwarming and heartbreaking portrayal of a woman with a unique spirit facing the inevitable, handled by a pure and affectionate directorial approach that transforms a personal situation into a universal experience. AGAINST YOUR WILL: A complex and compassionate film that tackles the delicate subject of suicide treated as taboo by the religious community, and exploring the quest of bereaved parents from multiple viewpoints, through the use of economical storytelling and tight structure. DEMOCRATS: Observational documentary structured like a narrative feature in which history unfolds in front of the camera, telling an engaging story of two political figures who are initially opposed but are gradually brought together by common human values. KARLOVY VARY: FEDEORA award for the best film in the East of the West programme at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival held from 3 to 11 July 2015 went ex-equo to Sutak (Heavenly Nomadic) by Mirlan Abdykalykov (Kyrgyzstan) and Sizerdai gyerek (The Wednesday Child) by Lili Horvath (Hungary-Germany). Members of the FEDEORA Jury were Dubravka Lakic, Ronald Bergan and James Evans. NEW FEDEORA EXECUTIVE BOARD New Executive Board of FEDEORA was elected during Berlinale on 7 February 2015: President: Nenad Dukic  Vice-presidents: Ninos Mikelides , Sherif Awad, Ronald Bergan, Natascha Drubek and Dubravka Lakic Secretary and treasurer: Zlatko Vidackovic (deputy Peter Cargin)     AWARDS IN 2014. FEDEORA AWARDS IN HAIFA FEDEORA award for the best film in the International competition ("Filmmakers of tomorrow") went to the film Leviathan by Andrey Zvyagintsev for its metaphorical narrative, mythological aspects and visual power. FEDEORA award for Artistic Achievement in the Israeli Feature Film Competition went to the film At Li Laila (Next to Her) by Asaf Korman for its outstanding artistic and human achievements in directing, scriptwriting, acting, cinematography and art-design. FEDEORA jury gave a special mention to the Israely film Manpower by Noam Kaplan for the delicate portrayal of it's four individual characters, yearning to belong. The jury members were: Dubravka Lakic, Yehuda Stav, Gidi Orsher FEDEORA AWARDS IN VENICE The FEDEORA Jury, composed by Nenad Dukic, Ninos Mikelides, Dubravka Lakic, Eva Af Geijerestam, Matic Majcen gave the following prizes at 71. Mostra Internazionale di Arte Cinematografica:   Awards for Best European-Mediterranean Film in Venice 71 Competition: The Look of Silence by Joshua Oppenheimer   Awards for Critics’ Week Best Screenplay: Vuk Ršumović for film No Ones’s Child (Ničije dete) Best Film: Flapping in the Middle of Nowhere (Đập cánh giữa không trung) by Nguyen Hoàng Điep Awards for Venice Days: Best Young Director: Aditya Vikram Sengupta for the film Labour Of Love (Asha Jaoar Majhe) Best Film: One on One (Il-dae-il) by Kim Ki-duk BOTA AWARDED IN KARLOVY VARY Our jury at Karlovy Vary FF, Czech Republic, East of the West, 4 – 12 July 2014 composed of: Natascha Drubek-Meyer (Osteuropa, Filmbulletin, Alphaville), Sherif Awad (Egypt Today Magazine and Westchester Guardian in New York) and Kirsten Liese ( Deutschlandfunk) awarded its prize to the film Bota directed by: Iris Elezi and Thomas Logoreci (Albania, Italy, Kosovo, 2014). Read the reports by Natascha Drubek-Meyer, Sherif Awad and Kirsten Liese. FEDEORA AWARD AND SOCIAL AWARENESS AWARD IN LINZ Fedeora jury at Crossing Europe International Film Festival in Linz, Austria, composed of Vladan Petkovic (Screen, Cineuropa), Serbia; Blagoja Kunovski (MR, Sinestes, Clapa), Macedonia, and Jörg Schiffauer (Ray, FAQ), Austria, gave the FEDEORA AWARD for European Documentaries to Claire Simon for GÉOGRAPHIE HUMAINE / HUMAN GEOGRAPHY (FR 2014).   The FEDEORA jury also presents the SOCIAL AWARENESS AWARD to one of the nine documentary films from the section EUROPEAN PANORAMA Documentary with a minimum length of 45 minutes and with socio-political/social relevance, which is an Austrian premiere and produced in 2013/14. The award goes to the director of the prize-winning film. The prize: € 6.000- powered by Land Oberösterreich. This year winners are: Luca Bellino and Silvia Luzi for DELL’ARTE DELLA GUERRA / ON THE ART OF WAR (IT/US 2012). Special Mention: Robert Kirchhoff for KAUZA CERVANOVÁ / NORMALIZATION (SK/CZ 2013).  AWARDS IN 2013 BORGMAN AWARDED IN HAIFA FEDEORA jury at Haifa Film Festival, Israel, 19-28 September 2013, gave the following awards: In FEDEORA Competition – Filmmakers Of Tomorrow the prize went to Borgman, by Alex van Warmerdam. Special mention went to Le Grand Cahier, by Jano Szasz. Prize for special achievement in the Israely Cinema (at the Haifa Competition) went to Sweets, by Joseph Pitchadze. Jury members were Oscar Peyrou, Gidi Orsher and Yehuda Stav web page FIRST FEDEORA PRIZES IN VENICE The first FEDEORA jury at Venice Film Festival (28 August – 7 September 2013, composed of:  Dubravka Lakic, Eva af Geijerstam, Nenad Dukic, Ninos Mikelides and Zlatko Vidackovic) gave the following awards: Venezia 70: Award for Best Euro-Mediterranean Film: Miss Violence (Greece), directed by Alexandros Avranas. Giornate Degli Autori – Venice Days – Best Film: Bethlehem (Israel, Belgium, Germany) directed by Yuval Adler Best Young Director: Milko Lazarov for the film Alienation (Bulgaria) Special Mention: La Belle Vie (France), directed by Jean Denizot Settimana Internazionale della Critica – International Critics’ Week Best Film: Class Enemy (Slovenia), directed by Rok Biček Award for Best Cinematography Work: Inti Briones for the film Las Niñas Quispe (Chile, France, Argentina), directed by Sebastián Sepúlveda Special Mention: Giuseppe Battiston, the actor of the film Zoran, il mio nipote scemo (Italy, Slovenia), directed by Matteo Oleotto Special Mention: Anna Odell for complete author’s work in the film The Reunion (Sweden) FESTIVAL REPORTS 2013 A STRANGER AWARDED IN PULA The Fedeora jury at 60th Pula Film Festival (held 13 – 27 July 2013) composed of Blagoja Kunvski (Macedonia), Gidi Orcher (Israel) and Nenad Dukic (Serbia) decided that the best film in the Main Competition of National Programme is A Stranger (Obrana i zastita), best film in the Section of Minority Coproduction of National Programme is When Day Breaks (Kad svane dan) and best film in the Croatian Short Film competition is Coffee with Jam (Kava s dzemom). Read the report by Blagoja Kunovski. ERAN RIKLIS TRIBUTE PAID BY CCIFF IN NOVI SAD Izraeli director Eran Riklis have a retrospective and a tribute paid to him by the Cinema City International Film Festival (held in Novi Sad, Serbia, 26 August-1 September 2013) and FEDEORA. Read the articles about Eran Riklis writen by Dubravka Lakic, Eva af Geijerstam and Gidi Orcher. VELVET TERRORISTS AWARDED IN KARLOVY VARY The Fedeora jury at 48th Karlowy Vary International Film Festival (held 28 June – 6 July 2013) composed of James Evans (UK), Michael Ranze (Germany) and Tonci Valentic (Croatia) decided that the best film in the East of the West section is Velvet Terrorists (Zamatovi teroristi) directed by Ivan Ostrochovsky, Pavol Pekarcik and Peter Kerekes. In motivation jury stated that the award is given “For the innovative approach on communist past with humorous look and inventive balance between staged scenes and documentarism”. Read the reports by James Evans, Michael Ranze and Tonci Valentic. FATHER’S GARDEN AWARDED IN LINZ The Fedeora jury at 10th Crossing Europe Film Festival, Linz, Austria, (held 23 – 28 April 2013) composed of Ronald Bergan (UK), Wiltrud Hackl (Austria) and Yehuda Stav (Israel) decided that the best film in the European Panorama Documentary section is Father’s Garden – The Love of My Parents (Vaters Garten – Die Liebe meiner Eltern) directed by Peter Liechti In motivation jury stated that the Father’s Garden is: „A poignant, witty and frank portrayal of an elderly couple as seen through the eyes of their son, it deals profoundly, on a meta level, with the complex construct of a family, love, old age, gender and generational gaps, and even, being Swiss.“ Read the reports by Ronald Bergan and Yehuda Stav. CHRYSALIS AWARDED IN MONS The Fedeora jury at 29th Mons International Love Film Festival (Festival International du Film d’Amour de Mons), Belgium, (held 15-22 February 2013) composed of Eva Peydro (Spain); Elin Larsson (Sweden) and Ania Skrobonja (Croatia) decided that the best film of this festival edition is De tu ventana a la mía (Chrysalis) directed by Paula Ortiz. Read the reportss by Ania Skrobonja and Eva Peydro.   INFO How to apply for a jury? FEDEORA members should write to fedeora@fedeora.eu indicating the media for which they can write about the festival. Participation on juries is conditional on having paid the membership fee and, for any further participation, on having submitted a jury report.   How to apply for membership? To apply for membership, send a request to fedeora@fedeora.eu indicating the media to which you contribute and your contacts. If the members of the Executive Board are not familiar with your work, you will be asked to send us your professional CV and 3 published texts in English or with translations in English. After the EB accepts your application, the membership becomes active once you pay the membership fee of 20 euros per year. How to pay the membership fee? Payments can be made by Euro Cheques, bank transfer or in cash to FEDEORA secretary. More details Jury reports. The information about the prize winner with motivation should be subimitted to fedeora@fedeora.eu asap after the jury decision. Jury members have to agree on the last jury meeting on the division of films for jury reports that will be published on this page. Jury reports (text long between 3600 and 7200 characters with spaces) should be submitted to fedeora@fedeora.eu asap after the festival (one week at the latest). FEDEORA CONGRESS HELD IN CANNES FEDEORA Congress was held on 20 May 2012 in Cannes. The Congress adopted the EB reports and the programme of action which will be finalised by the new Executive Board and sent to all the members. The following officers were elected: President: Ronald Bergan; Vice-presidents (in the order of received votes): Zlatko Vidackovic, Nenad Dukic, Gidi Orsher, Eva Af Geijerstam and Dubravka Lakic (Geir Kamsvag is her deputy); Treasurer: Peter Cargin.   FEDEORA NEWS FEDEORA JOINS THE INTERNATIONAL PRESS ACADEMY FEDEORA has joined with the International Press Academy (on November 9 2011) to extend IPA’s membership and the cross-cultural reach of both organizations. The joint announcement was made by Ronald Bergan, FEDEORA’s President, and Mirjana Van Blaricom, IPA President. More… FESTIVAL REPORTS 2012 DECLARATION OF WAR AWARDED IN PIRAN The Fedeora jury at Euro-mediterranenan Film Festival in Piran, Slovenia (held 29 November – 2 December 2012), composed of Maja Bogojevic (Montenegro), Goran Ivanisevic (Croatia) and Matic Majcen (Slovenia) decided that the best film of this festival edition is Declaration of War (La guerre est déclarée) directed by Valérie Donzelli awarded for best director. Prize for best photography went to Erol Zubcevic for his work in Children of Sarajevo (Djeca). Read the reports by Maja Bogojevic and Matic Majcen. AWARDS OF THE FIRST FEDEORA JURY IN BRATISLAVA Fedeora established its first jury at the Bratislava International Film Festival. Jury members were Dubravka Lakic, Gidi Orsher and James Evans. The Fedeora award in the International Competition of First and Second Feature Films went ex-equo to: Epilogue (Hayuta ve Berl) by Amir Manor (Israel) & Oh Boy by Jan Ole Gerster (Germany) The Award in the Slovakian competition went to the film In the Shadow (Ve stínu) by David Ondříček. Read the reports by Gidi Orsher and James Evans. FEDEORA AWARD IN HAIFA TO MUNGIU, TRIER AND NAIFELD   The Fedeora jury at Haifa International Film Festival in Israel (held from 29 September – till 8 October 2012), composed of James Evans (UK), Gidi Orsher and Yehuda Stav (Israel) decided that the best film in Fedeora Competition – Filmmakers of tomorrow is Beyond the Hills (Dupa Dealuri)  by Cristian Mungiu, while a spiecial mention went to Oslo, August 31th (Oslo, 31 August) by Joachim Trier. Award for artistic achievement in the Israeli competition went to the actress Asia Naifeld for her role in Room 514 by Sharon Bar-Ziv. Read a short interview with Aleksander Sokurov at the HIFF, text about Israeli Films Competition by Gidi Orsher and the text about best film by James Evans. ENCLOSED MOMENTS AWARDED AT NORDISK PANORAMA The Fedeora jury at Nordisk panorama held from 21 till 26 September in Oulu, Finland, composed of Zlatko Vidackovic (Croatia), Eero Tammi (Finland), and Ondrej Sloup (Czech Republic); 2012 Finland, decided to award the film Enclosed Moments by Jens Klevje and Fabian Svensson (Sweden). Read reports by Eero Tammi and Ondrej Sloup. FEDEORA PRIZES IN PULA FOR SCHMIDT, VULETIC AND MUSAN The FEDEORA jury at 59th Pula Film Festival, composed by Sherif Awad, Nenad Dukic and Radovan Holub A Diploma for Best Film from the Short Film Programme to the film Father (Obid) by Ivica Musan, the Diploma for Best Minority Co-production to the film Practical Guide to Belgrade with Singing and Crying by Bojan Vuletic and the Diploma for Best Film in the National Programme Main Section to the film Vegetarian Cannibal by Branko Schmidt. Read reports by Nenad Dukic, Sherif Awad and Radovan Holub. FLOWER BUDS GETS THE FEDEORA AWARD IN KARLOVY VARY The FEDEORA prize at Karlovy Vary goes to Poupata (Flower Buds), Czech Republic, directed by Zdenek Jirasky “for its sensitive, humorous and bleak portrait of a dysfunctional and deprived family trying to survive in a somewhat heartless society.” Read reports by the members of the jury: Ronald Bergan (UK), Furio Fossati (Italy) and Eero Tammi (Finland). ANDREAS DRESEN TRIBUTE PAID BY CCIFF IN NOVI SAD German director Andreas Dresen had a retrospective and a tribute paid to him by the Cinema City International Film Festival (held in Novi Sad, Serbia, 16-23 June 2012) and FEDEORA. Read the articles about Andreas Dresen writen by Dubravka Lakic, Blagoja Kunovski and Sergey Lavrentyev. SPECIAL FLIGHT AND A LETTER FROM GERMANY AWARDED IN LINZ FEDEORA jury gave awards at Crossing Europe Film Festival:in Linz, Austria, held from 24 till 29 April 2012 (web page). The prize for the category of documentary films by directors over the age of 33 went to Vol special (Special Flight, Switzerland, 2011; d. Fernand Melgar), and a special mention to Entrée du personnel (Staff Entrance, France, 2011; d. Manuela Frésil). The prize for the category of documentary films by directors under the age of 33 went to Ein Brief aus Deutschland (A Letter from Germany, Germany 2011; d. Sebastian Mez) and a special mention to Hauptfriedhof (Cemetary, Germany, 2011; d. Melanie Jilg). Subjury for documentaries of senior authors (over 33) was composed by Eva af Geijerstam, Bernhard Lichtenberger, Oscar Peyrou. Subjury for documentaries of young filmmakers (under 33): Dean Kotiga, Simone Boria, Jeton Budima. Read the reports by Eva af Geijerstam, Dean Kotiga and Jeton Budima FESTIVAL REPORTS FROM MONS 2012.: LET MY PEOPLE GO ! FEDEORA jury at the International Love Film Festival in Mons, Belgium, held from February 24 to March 2 2012, awarded Let My People Go! by Mikael Buch. The jury was delighted to give the prize to a comedy, a genre that is often neglected at festivals. Read all the festival reports by: Ronald Bergan, Blagoja Kunovski and Maja Bogojevic. FESTIVAL REPORTS 2011 The Fedeora award at Haifa FF held from 13 till 22 October 2011 went ex aequo to Michael by Markus Schleinzer and Elena by Andrey Zvyagintsev. The jury included Shmuel Duvdevany, Sergey Lavrentyev and Gidi Orsher. Diploma for special achievement in the israeli cinema went to the DOP Shai Goldman. Report by Sergey Lavrentyev. The FEDEORA Award at the Euro-mediterranenan Film Festival held in KOPER, Slovenia, from 12 till 16 October 2011 was given to the Macedonian film Punk is not Dead by Vladimir Blazevski, while the special mention went to The Salt of Life by Gianni Di Gregorio. Reports by jury members: Dubravka Lakic, Tonci Valentic and Gabriele Barrera. The FEDEORA Award for the best short documentary at the Nordisk Panorama film festival held in AARHUS, Denmark from 23 till 28 September 2011 was given to the film How to Pick Berries by Elina Talvensaari (Finland). Reports by: Steffen Moestrup (Denmark), Maja Bogojevic (Montenegro) and Blagoja Kunovski (Macedonia). At 58th PULA FF, Eva af Geijerstam, Peter Cargin and Bozidar Trkulja awarded  Caca (Daddy) by Dalibor Matanic in the Main Section, Neprijatelj (The Enemy) in Minority Coproductions and Zima (Winter) as best short. Reports by  Eva af GeijerstamPeter Cargin, and a comment by Ronald Bergan on Pula and national film festivals. At KARLOVY VARY Film Festival, in the East of the West section FEDEORA jurors Eva Af Geijerstam, Vladan Petkovic and Blagoja Kunovski gave the FEDEORA award to the Croatian documentary-feature Marijine (Marias Own) by Željka Sukova. Reports by Eva af Geijerstam, Blagoja Kunovski and Vladan Petkovic.   At the 2011 edition of the Cinema City IFF in NOVI SAD, Serbia, jurors Blagoja Kunovski, Tonci Valentic and Allison Frank judged films from two categories: From the National Class, they chose Neprijatelj (The Enemy) by Dejan Zecevic, and in the Balkan Box, Milco Mancevski’s Majki (Mothers). Reports by Alison Frank and Tonci Valentic.   Polish director Dorota Kędzierzawska had a retrospective and a tribute paid to her by the Cinema City International Film Festival (held in Novi Sad, Serbia, 18-25 June 2011) and FEDEORA. Read the articles about Dorota Kędzierzawska writen by Dubravka Lakic, Sergey Lavrentyev and Nenad Dukic.   The FEDEORA prize at the Festival International du Film d’Amour held from 18 to 25 February in MONS, Belgium went to El idioma imposible (Spain) by Rodrigo Rodero. BeTV kindly supported our prize with 5000 EUR (for tv rights for Belgium). Read the reports by our jury members: Eva Af Geijerstam and Gabriele Barrera.   FESTIVAL REPORTS 2010 The youngest film festival in the world was born on October 14th in KOPER, a pleasant Slovenian seaside resort on the Adriatic not far from Trieste.  The Fedeora jury, made up of Ronald Bergan, Dejan Duric, and Tomislav Sakic, decided on Gainsbourg by Joann Sfar.  We published festival reports by Ronald Bergan and Tomislav Sakic. A Somewhat Gentle Man (En Ganske Snill Mann) by Hans Petter MolandThe Fedeora Award in the Filmmakers of Tomorrow section of the 26th HAIFA International Film Festival went to A Somewhat Gentle Man (En Ganske Snill Mann) by Hans Petter Moland. The Award for Outstanding Artistic Contribution in The Israeli Film Competition went to the young actor Yoav Rotman for the film Mabul by Guy Nativ. Just Between UsThe first Fedeora jury was established at 57th PULA Film Festival in Croatia, held from 10 till 24th July 2010. The Fedeora jury awarded Just Between Us by Rajko Grlic as best film in National Programme, and The Abandoned in Coproductions section. Ronald Bergan wrote about the festival, and Dubravka Lakic about Just Between Us and Besa.   FEDEORA MAGAZINE Fedeora magazine is edited by FEDEORA vice-president Ronald Bergan. Only original articles, unpublished elsewhere in whatever language, will be accepted for this section of our page. Articles for the magazine can be submitted to ronald.bergan@fedeora.eu When a famous artist is jailed for his ideas, it highlights the cruelty and stupidity of the regime that put him there. We begin to feel as much anger, sorrow and frustration as if a friend of ours had been imprisoned. JAFAR PANAHI is a friend to everyone who loves and cares about great cinema. Read the full article by Ronald Bergan. The film director CLAUDE CHABROL, who has died aged 80, created the first ripple of the French new wave with his first feature, Le Beau Serge (1958). Along with Jean-Luc Godard, François Truffaut, Eric Rohmer and Jacques Rivette, he formulated what came to be known as the “auteur theory”. We invite you to read a personal piece on Chabrol by Ronald Bergan My Lunch With Claude. For years now, one has gained the impression that the audiences at the THESSALONIKI Festival have been the most faithful to the Balkan Survey program. Please read the full article by Dubravka Lakic on Thessaloniki 2010. focused on the films Cirkus Columbia by Danis Tanovic and White, White World by Oleg Novkovic. VIENNALE isn’t all experimentation, minimalism, intellectualism, though that it is what it’s best at. (Vienna itself hits one with Kultur.) The standout American indie was Mike Ott’s Littlerock, which managed to bring an engaging freshness to a known subject.  Please read the full article by Ronald Bergan on Viennale 2010. CONTACT EuropeFEDEORA Federation of Film Critics of Europe and the Mediterranean Secretariat numbers: phone +385 1 4815295, mobile +385 98 219706 Secretary: Zlatko Vidackovic E-mail: fedeora@fedeora.eu