About us

  • FEDEORA is the Federation of Film Critics of Europe and the Mediterranean; founded in May 2010 in Cannes. It is constituted of individual professional film critics from European and Mediterranean countries.

    Europe and the Mediterranean

    The aims of FEDEORA:

    1. Publishing film reviews, essays, festival reports and other articles in the FEDEORA online film magazine
    2. Giving prizes to outstanding European and Mediterranean films, directors, screenwriters, cinematographers and actors (including annual and lifelong achievements).
    3. Forming juries and presenting awards at relevant international festivals for best film or best European/Mediterranean film (if a festival already has an international critic's award for best film)
    4. Organizing conferences on film
    5. Organizing talent press events
    6. Organizing lectures on European and Mediterranean films and filmmakers.
    7. Publishing books on European and Mediterranean films and filmmakers.

    FEDEORA will establish links with European film institutions in various aspects.  FEDEORA will avoid political affiliation of any kind.

    Membership in FEDEORA

    FEDEORA is open to individual members - film critics in all European and Mediterranean countries, without any discrimination. Every person residing in a European or Mediterranean country and contributing film criticism regularly (at least for one year) to any kind of media can apply to join FEDEORA. The FEDEORA Executive Board decides on new individual members.

    Applications cannot be accepted if the members wishing to take part in the activities of FEDEORA have a permanent connection with production, distribution or advertising companies or institutions. Applications can be accepted conditionally if they have connections with a film or films shot in recent years; however they cannot take part in FEDEORA's activities at festivals in which this film is participating. 

    FEDEORA members that have connections with film festivals where FEDEORA has established a jury cannot take part in FEDEORA's juries at those festivals.

    How to apply for membership?

    To apply for membership, send a request to fedeora@fedeora.eu indicating the media to which you contribute and your contacts. If the members of the Executive Board are not familiar with your work, you will be kindly asked to send us your professional CV and three recent texts with translations in English. The membership fee is 20 euros per year.

    How to contact us?

    For any questions or to submit an application for membership you are welcome to write to: fedeora@fedeora.eu
    Film festivals in Europe and the Mediterranean wanting to have a FEDEORA jury should write to: fedeora@fedeora.eu

    The members of the FEDEORA Executive Board are:

    1. Nenad Dukic, president
    2. Ronald Bergan, vicepresident
    3. Ninos Mikelides, vicepresident
    4. Gidi Orsher, vicepresident
    5. Natascha Drubek, vicepresident
    6. Zlatko Vidackovic, vicepresident
    7. Dubravka Lakic, treasurer

    Read the introductory letter from the first FEDEORA president Ronald Bergan.

    The new Executive Board will be elected at the Fedeora Congress, date and location to be announced. Regular Fedeora meetings are held during the festivals in Cannes, Berlin and Venice. Fedeora has its legal seat in London, UK.

    Some of our members:
    Dubravka Lakic, Politika daily, Serbia
    Bruno Kragic, president of Croatian Society of Film Critics
    Vladan Petkovic, Screen International, Cineuropa, e-novine
    Moira Sullivan, quarterly The Swedish Bulletin, Movie Magazine International
    Jonas Holmberg, Expressen daily, Sweden, editor in chief of film magazine FLM
    Annika Gustafsson, Sydsvenskan daily, Filmrutan magazine
    Dana Linssen, daily NRC Handelsblad, editor in chief of film magazine de Filmkrant
    Eva Zaoralova, Mlada fronta DNES, Czech Republic
    Hynek Pallas, Svenska Dagbladet, Sweden 
    Ninos Mikelides, Eleftherotypia daily, Greece
    Angel Comas, freelance, Spain
    Blagoja Kunovski, Macedonian radio, Sinteses and Clapa film magazines
    Mohammed Rouda, Shadows and Phantoms, Lebanon, UK
    Laszlo Kriston, VOX mozimagazin, film magazine, Hungary
    Yehuda Stav, Yedioth Aharonoth daily, Israel
    Kostas Terzis, AVGI daily, Greece
    Goran Ivanisevic and Dejan Duric, Filmovi.hr, Croatia
    Tomislav Sakic, Hrvatski filmski ljetopis, Croatia
    Gabriele Barrera, Nick Film TV, Duellanti, Italy
    Pavlina Jeleva, Dnevnik, Bulgaria
    Augusto Orsi, freelance, Switzerland
    Alison Frank, The Moving Arts Journal, Wide Screen, UK
    Ege Gorgun, Haber + (TRT), Popcorn (Dream TV), Tersninja.com, Turkey
    Furio Fossati, Corriere Mercantile, Italy
    Roberto Donati, Centraldocinema, Tictac Company, Offscreen, Italy
    Steffen Moestrup, Le Monde diplomatique, Dox Magazine, DK4, 16:9, Denmark
    Maja Bogojevic, Camera Lucida, Monitor, Montenegro
    Tonci Valentic, Filmovi.hr and Bozidar Trkulja, Vjesnik, Croatia
    Sergey Lavrentiev, freelance, Russia
    Natascha Drubek-Meyer, ARTMargins Film & Screen Media editor, Germany
    Pasquale Iannone, BBC Radio 4's, Sight & Sound, UK
    Geir KamsvÃ¥g, Editor-in-Chief Film & Kino, Norway
    Rita di Santo, The Morning Star, UK 
    Meir Schnitzer, Maariv, and Shmuel  Duvdevany, Ynet, Israel
    Kate Muir, The Times, UK
    Anjelika Artyukh, Iskusstvo kino, Sankt-Peterburgskie Vedomosti daily, Russia
    Grazina Arlickaite, freelance, Lithuania 
    James Evans, Electric Sheep, UK
    Matic Majcen, Ekran, Dialogi, Slovenia 
    Dean Kotiga, freelance, Croatia
    Jeton Budima, Express Pristina
    Ondrej Sloup, Knihovna města Plzně, Czech Republic
    Radovan Holub, Hospodarske noviny, Slovakia and Idnes, Czech Republic
    Eero Tammi, Filmihullu, Finland
    Sherif Awad, Egypt Today, Variety Arabia, Westchester Guardian, Egypt 
    Laurence Boyce, Screen International, The Baltic Times, UK, Estonia
    Michal Oleszczyk, Kino, Film, Dwutygodnik, Poland
    Marco Albanese, Stanze di cinema, Italy
    Michael Ranze, Film-Dienst, Germany; Filmbulletin, Switzerland, Ray, Austria
    Eva Peydro Sanz, Cartelera Turia, Spain
    Elin Larsson, Metro Sweden
    Ania Skrobonja, Filmovi.hr, Croatia
    Wiltrud Hackl, Der Standard, Austria 
    Kirsten Liese, freelance, Germany
    Jose Vieira Mendes, Images de Fundo, Portugal
    Iva Biondic, Mediamorfoze, T-portal, Croatia
    Jorg Schiffauer, Ray, FAQ, Austria
    Wassim Korbi, Aljazeera, Tunisia
    Arzu Cevikalp, freelance, Turkey
    Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi, Shockya, Den of Geek, Indiewire, Italy, USA
    Stefan Dobroiu, Cineuropa, Romania 
    Kerem Akca, Haberturk, Turkey
    Vuk Perovic, RTV Crna Gora, Montenegro
    Sascha Lara Bleuler, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Switzerland 
    Sasja Koetsier, de Filmkrant, Netherlands

    Representation in FEDEORA

    Individual members in all countries elect their country's delegate and his/her deputy for each FEDEORA Congress at the annual meeting of all individual members in each country, held by the deadline specified by the Executive Board in the circular letter and on the web page.

    The annual meeting is called and chaired by the delegate or his/her deputy, and if he/she fails to call the meeting within the deadline, the meeting can be called by one third of members and it is then chaired by the oldest present member.The first meeting of members in a country is called and chaired by the oldest member.

    The delegates are also responsible for coordination of jury applications from their countries. In the case of a delegate being unable to coordinate a single application from one country for one jury, he or she will submit a list with a suggestion on the candidate to the EB. 

    FEDEORA Congress and Executive Board - statutory provisions (click to read more)